Frequently Asked Questions

Who is FIG?

Finch Investment Group, LLC, FIG Capital Investments, LLC, and their associated entities (collectively, "FIG") specialize in the purchase, servicing, and collection of delinquent tax liens. FIG has helped fund budget shortfalls for more than 500 cities, towns, and counties across the country.

FIG purchases delinquent outstanding tax and other municipal obligations from local government authorities, helping governments efficiently and effectively maximize collected tax revenue needed to fund local schools, libraries, fire departments, police stations, and other essential services.

To find out more, please call us toll-free at 844-PAY-LIEN (844-729-5436), or email us at [email protected].

What is a tax lien?

Tax liens, variously known as tax executions, certificates of purchase, and tax lien sale certificates, are instruments offered for sale by local county and municipal governments as a method of recovering property tax dollars deemed delinquent due to the property owner's failure to satisfy the debt.

Tax liens help local and state governments finance services such as fire and police safety, infrastructure needs, and school district and library funding when budgets fall short due to property taxes that haven’t been paid.

Tax liens also help protect property owners’ rights by providing them with a “safety net” if they are struggling to pay their property taxes, giving them a chance to pay off the liens before a foreclosure happens.

Why do I have to work directly with FIG in order to pay off my delinquent tax lien?

Your local taxing jurisdiction assigned your delinquent tax lien to FIG. As the lawful lienholder, FIG is now authorized to collect upon these delinquent obligations.

I received a letter in the mail from FIG, what do I do next?

Your next step is to request a lien payoff balance using the contact us request form. You can also reach out by toll-free phone at 844-PAY-LIEN (844-729-5436).

How do I pay off my delinquent tax lien?

Please visit our Payment page for more info.

Does FIG accept payment plans or partial payment arrangements?

Please contact us to discuss your options

Can I negotiate my tax lien payoff amount at a discount?

No, FIG is not able to satisfy or redeem any delinquent tax lien fully unless full payment has been received including the principal face amount, accrued interest, penalty, and any other associated costs and fees.

What happens after I pay off my delinquent tax lien?

If you have submitted payment for your delinquent tax lien, FIG will be waiting for your payment to post and clear against your account. Upon funds clearing, FIG will subsequently send you a payoff receipt via email, mail, or fax (whichever you specify).

The final step (if applicable) is for FIG to file the necessary legal papers to release and satisfy the tax lien with your particular municipal authority. The process generally takes 30-60 days once funds clear.

What if I wasn't notified of my property taxes being due or becoming delinquent?

If you are not being notified properly or seem to be having trouble updating your records at your taxing jurisdiction, please call us toll-free at 844-PAY-LIEN (844-729-5436), and we would be happy to assist you.

I believe there has been an error regarding my taxes, what can I do?

If you believe your taxes have been issued in error, please contact your taxing authority directly. Unfortunately, FIG is only a third party and cannot reverse any errors that might have been made by your taxing authority.

Additional Questions/Comments?

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